Part-Time Overview

First Year

Fall Semester

DM 901 Doctor of Ministry Orientation and Assessment (3 hours)

DM 931 DMin Project: Proposal (1 hour)

Spring Semester

DM 914 Reading Scripture for Ministry (3 hours)

DM 911 Context-Based Covenant Group: Project Proposal (1 hour)

Second Year

Fall Semester

DM 908 Readings Theology for Ministry (3 hours)

DM 932 Doctor of Ministry Project/Dissertation: Prospectus (1 hour)

Spring Semester

DM 915 Reading Theological Contexts (3 hours)

DM 912 DMin Project: Implementation and Assessment (1 hour)

Third Year

Fall Semester

DM 991 Focus Area Elective (3 hours)

DM 933 Doctor of Ministry Project/Dissertation: Implementation (1 hour)

Spring Semester

DM 992 Focus Area Elective (3 hours)

DM 913 Context-Based Covenant Group: Project Implementation and Assessment (1 hour)

Fourth Year

Fall Semester

DM 993 Focus Area Elective (3 hours)

Spring Semester

DM 934 DMin Dissertation and Defense (3 hours)

TOTAL DMIN Degree Program Requirements: 30 Credit Hours

(Please note that the suggested scope and sequence is subject to change or modification)


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