PTS announces partnership with Flywire

As part of fulfilling the Global Education Initiative, PTS is excited to announce a new partnership with Flywire. 

Flywire is the market leader in international education payment processing.  As the Seminary continues to expand globally, this partnership will not only increase our efficiency in the payment process but will also reduce the fees that would be incurred with international payments.

Flywire allows students to transfer funds to PTS electronically using their national currency while charging a very minimal fee.  The process is very secure, as Flywire maintains the highest security possible for these transactions.

Flywire allows you to:

· Track your payment from start to finish

· Pay from any country and from any bank

· Save on bank fees and exchange rates

· Receive peace of mind with dedicated multilingual customer support

Payment can still be made through the student’s account in Populi using a credit card.  For any international bank transfers, please go to to begin the payment process and learn more.

 Also, for more information: Flywire Secure Payments, New Payex Payer Guide




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