Education Effectiveness

Statement of Student Achievement and Educational Effectiveness

Goals for Student Achievement and Educational Effectiveness:

The Goals for Student Achievement and Educational Effectiveness for the Pentecostal Theological Seminary (PTSeminary) are aligned with the Institutional Mission and Outcomes of the Seminary. The Seminary Goals for Student Achievement and Educational Effectiveness are as follows. Students will:

  1. Be supported and resourced for Holy Spirit-filled and Holy Spirit led Christian ministry in today’s world
  2. Act in obedience to God under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the power of the Spirit
  3. Be committed to the absolute authority of Scripture and to the Holiness-Pentecostal interpretation of the Christian Faith as set forth in the Declaration of Faith of the Church of God
  4. Pursue a community of faith, worship and study, nurturing covenantal relationships and creating awareness of the world mission and global diversity of the Church
  5. Be helped to integrate life and learning in such a way that they may acquire the maturity and professional competency needed to carry out the mission of the Church in the world
  6. Be committed to the spiritual, doctrinal, and ethical emphases of the Church
  7. Be committed to serving and training the ministry of the Church

The achievement of these Goals of Student Achievement and Educational Effectiveness are demonstrated in part by the following:

  1. Graduation Rates (based on PTS Registrar data)
  2. Achievement of Ministerial License for those seeking Ministerial License (based on denominational licensure data)
  3. Achievement of Professional Credentials, e.g.. for Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduates who seek license as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), the attainment of licensure as a LPC (based on PTS Counseling Department data)
  4. Graduate self-report on the Graduate Student Questionnaire (administered through the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada)


The data from these sources are reflected as follows:


Graduation Rates: The Pentecostal Theological Seminary has the following graduation

rates for its degrees for the last five years. The rates are listed according to degree, length of degree and whether the rate reflects full-time only or full and part-time students.

Ministerial Licensure Rates: The Pentecostal Theological Seminary has the following placement rate of graduates for its degrees for the last five years.

2012 2013 2014

23%  39%  19%

*The degree programs represented in this calculation are MADCF, MACM, MTS and MDIV.


Counseling Licensure Rates

Statement of Student Achievement Regarding the Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MACMHC) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Status: From June, 2011-June, 2015, 83% of those pursuing licensure have attained licensure or are still within temporal time limits required for obtaining licensure (2 years) after graduation. Only 13% have not obtained LPC within the two-year normal period for successfully obtaining licensure.


How Our Graduates Rate Us and How Their Program Impacted Them

To ensure that its educational programs have their intended impact for the good of the Church and world, the Pentecostal Theological Seminary (PTS) engages in regular practices of assessing the effectiveness of its programs.

One of the ways we do this is to ask our graduating students how they think we did during their time with us. The instrument we use for this, the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ), is used by 120-140 accredited seminaries of all types, sizes and denominations across the United States and Canada. It asks graduates to rate a wide variety of aspects of the education they received and their experience of the school using a scale from 1 (worst) to 5 (best).

Here you can find a selection of key scores for PTS’s academic programs and the comparison scores for all the seminaries that use the ATS GSQ (approximately 50% of accredited seminaries in the U.S.. and Canada). We hope this helps you make your own assessment of the value of a PTS education.

Ratings of Satisfaction with Progress in Skills Related to Ministry 2014 M.Div. Graduates Scale: 1 = very dissatisfied 2 = dissatisfied 3 = neutral 4 = satisfied 5 = very satisfied
Ability to preach well 4.8 4.1
Ability to use and interpret Scripture 5.0 4.5
Knowledge of church polity 4.6 3.9
Ability to give spiritual direction 4.6 3.9
Ability to teach well 4.8 4.0
Knowledge of church doctrine and history 4.6 4.2
Ability to lead others 4.6 4.0
Ability to conduct worship/liturgy 4.0 4.0
Ability to interact with other religious traditions 4.8 4.0
Ability to work within my own religious tradition 4.8 4.1
Ability to relate social issues to faith 4.6 4.2
Ability in pastoral counseling 4.6 3.9
Ability to administer a parish 4.4 3.4
Knowledge of Christian philosophy and ethics 4.6 4.1
Ability to think theologically 4.8 4.5
Ratings of Personal Growth 2014 M.Div. GraduatesScale: 1 = much weaker 2 = weaker 3 = about the same 4 = stronger 5 = much stronger
Insight into troubles of others 4.2 4.0
Trust in God 4.8 4.1
Self-discipline and focus 4.7 4.0
Respect for other religious traditions 4.3 4.1
Respect for my own religious tradition 4.7 4.3
Ability to live one’s faith in daily life 4.8 4.0
Clarity of vocational goals 4.7 3.9
Self-confidence 4.5 4.0
Self-knowledge 4.5 4.2
Strength of spiritual life 4.5 3.9
Ratings of Overall Experience of the Educational Program All 2014 Graduates Scale: 1 = strongly disagree 2 = disagree 3 = neutral 4 = agree 5 = strongly agree
Field education/internship has been a helpful experience 4.1 3.9
Faculty were supportive and understanding 4.5 4.4
I have felt accepted within this school community 4.6 4.3
I have grown spiritually 4.9 4.4
My personal faith has been respected 4.9 4.4
I know at least one faculty member well 4.8 4.3
I have been able to integrate theology and the practice of ministry 4.9 4.4
The school has tried to be an inclusive community 4.8 4.2
I have come to know students from other ethnic groups 4.9 4.3
I have made good friends here 5.0 4.3
Seminary was a good experience for my spouse/family 4.8 3.6
I have been able to manage financially 4.2 3.8
I have been satisfied with my academic experience here 4.9 4.4
If I had to do it over, I would still come here 5.0 4.4





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