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Degree Requirements

The MTS-BS (48 hr - 60 hr track) track is an academic degree that prepares you to do research and to teach in the area of Biblical Studies. The documents on this page are to help you become familiar with our program. The Program consists of the following:

Biblical Studies Core

OT 501 Pentecostal Explorations of the Old Testament (3 Credits)

NT 501 Pentecostal Explorations of the New Testament (3 Credits)

BH 501 Biblical Hermeneutics (3 Credits)

BH 511 Biblical Studies in the Pentecostal Tradition (1 Credit)

BH 502 MTS Biblical Studies Capstone(1 Credit)

Historical and Theological Studies

Historical and Theological Studies Electives (6 Credits)

Personal Formation

SA 801 Pentecostal Foundations for Christian Ministry and Study (3 Credits)

SA 802 Community of Faith I (1 Credit)

SA 803 Community of Faith II (1 Credit)

SA 804 Community of Faith III (1 Credit)

SA 805 Community of Faith IV (1 Credit)

Biblical Studies Concentration:

GK 501 N.T. Greek I and GK 502 N.T. Greek II* (6 Credits)

HB 501 O.T. Hebrew and HB 502 O.T. Hebrew II* (6 Credits)

Biblical Studies based upon Greek and/or Hebrew  (12 Credits)

Biblical Studies Electives** (12 Credits)


*These requirements may be fulfilled by successful completion of the courses as part of the MTS Biblical Studies Concentration, petition for advanced standing based upon previous study, or petition to have the requirement waived based upon previous study and thus the number of hours required for graduation reduced by six to twelve hours.


**Where deemed appropriate, one or more of the following courses from each group may be counted toward this requirement: First Century Judaism or Hellenistic Backgrounds to the New Testament, Life and Teaching of Jesus or Theology of Paul, Early Church or History of Exegesis, a course in a Research Language (Latin, Theological German, Coptic, Aramaic, etc.

For Admissions information contact Lee Seals, Admissions Director. You may also Apply Now
Complete degree program details and course descriptions are available in the PTS Academic Catalog.
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