Ibrahim Sheku Bangura

(27 years old)

I am from Freetown, Sierra Leone and came to the Pentecostal Theological Seminary to pursue a Master of Divinity degree in Leadership. During my last semester in college I started researching schools that offer the MDiv. After a few months of consulting with some of my mentors, I chose PTSeminary. One of the primary reasons for this choice was the prospect of transformation, not just information. The classes that I have taken have shaped me both as a student and a minister of the gospel.

At the present I am applying skills that I am learning at PTSeminary at North Cleveland Church of God, where I am interning for my degree.

My goal is to eventually become pastor-scholar. That is, I want to pastor a local church and teach future Christian leaders. Here at PTSeminary, I am not only being trained to become what I desire to be, but I also study with professors who embody this dual calling as they are pastor-scholars themselves.




900 Walker St. NE,
Cleveland, TN 37311
800.228.9126 | 423.478.1131
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