ALEAL DMin Students on PTS campus


Thirty-four students representing fourteen different nations in Latin America came together at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary during the week of August 6-10, 2018, for a course in the Doctor of Ministry Program. These students are national leaders, overseers, educators, faculty members, and missionaries committed to the work of the church in their particular part of the world. These students look to the Pentecostal Seminary to provide the quality education they need to carry out effective ministry.

As these students are nearing the end of their program, this course was a special capstone course highlighting their experience in the DMin Program. Dr. Ramírez was their instructor. Dr. Ramírez himself is a prominent example of an educator with the highest credentials (DMin - Asbury Theological Seminary). He has also has demonstrated leadership at the highest level in ministry, serving as the Third Assistant General Overseer in the Church of God. One of the students stated, “we have had such a marvelous time. The Seminary has provided a great instructor teaching a great class.”

Dr. Han, the Vice-President of Academics, stated that this is the fulfillment of long-term planning and strategic networking on the part of the Seminary. The Seminary has taken strategic steps to be a leader in global theological education. The Seminary President, Dr. Michael Baker, is also committed to expanding the Seminary’s influence around the world. As such, the Seminary is working to continue the work of education as the church continues to expand around the world.




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