PTS Awarded an Innovation Grant from ATS

The Office of the Vice-President for Academics announces that PTS has been selected to receive a project grant from ATS (i.e. Association of Theological Schools) for the 2017-18 academic year. This particular ATS grant program is entitled “Innovation on Educational Models and Practices”, funded by the Lilly Endowment. ATS states that the said grant program is “designed to assist schools in the process of designing, developing, and implementing educational models and practices of theological education that break new ground and have the possibility of producing models and practices”. Dr. Stephen R. Graham, Senior Director of Programs and Services at ATS, reported that there were altogether 92 project proposals submitted by ATS member schools with only select few being chosen by the selection committee. In his congratulatory email to Dean Han, Graham noted that “the selection process was thorough and the committee was faced with difficult decisions to select proposals from among the 92 submissions. Thanks to you and those in your institution for crafting an excellent proposal and submitting it for consideration”.


This grant will help explore further ways for the Seminary to create a genuinely holistic digital campus.  With the grant, the overall vision of PTS is to develop more fully a unified platform for both administrative and academic work, utilizing the web-based Populi program with the incorporation of the Google system (i.e. Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail) and the Zoom video-conferencing tool. The development of a fully-integrated Digital Campus has in view a holistic educational model that would allow all students—whether being on-campus or at a distance— “centralized” and “equalized” access to the community life and learning.

PTS is proud to be chosen to work with the ATS initiative on revisioning educational models and practices in theological education and aim to better serve in training our ministers in today’s changing religious landscapes.




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