Stations of the Cross Artwork ~ Dr. Chris Green

I created (sketched/painted/digitized) these images at the suggestion of a friend. He thought it would be therapeutic for me. I had no intention of sharing them publicly, but he (and my wife) convinced me to risk it. I didn't follow the conventional order—in either its Protestant or Catholic forms. And I experimented with other aspects of the tradition, as well, in part as a way of provoking conversation about what Scripture actually tells us about Christ's final hours.


I. The Supper

II. The Agony


III. The Kiss


IV. The Condemnation

V. The Cross


VI. The Women


VII. The First Fall


VIII. The Mother

IX. The Second Fall


X. The Cyrenian

XI the Stripping

XII. The Cross

XIII. The Death

XIV. The Descent

XV. The Burial






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