Dr. Ben Wiles & Dr. Tony Richie Receive Award of Excellence

Dr. Michael L. Baker, President and Dr. David S. Han, Vice President for Academics for Pentecostal Theological Seminary are pleased to announce special recognition given to two members of the PTS faculty at the recent Society for Pentecostal Studies meeting held in Costa Mesa, California, March 24-26, 2022. Dr. Tony Richie and Dr. J. Ben Wiles were both recognized by the Foundation for Pentecostal Scholarship for books they have written which serve to broaden and enrich the knowledge and understanding of Pentecostal issues. 
Dr. Richie was given the Award of Excellence for his book Essentials of Pentecostal Theology: An Eternal and Unchanging Lord Powerfully Present and Active by the Holy Spirit, which was published by Wipf and Stock publishers in 2020. Dr. Wiles was also given the Award of Excellence for his published PhD thesis Becoming Like Jesus: Toward a Pentecostal Theology of Sanctification, which was published in 2021 by CPT Press. 
President Mike Baker commented, “I am pleased that the efforts of Dr. Richie and Dr. Wiles have been recognized in this way. The fact that this award went to two of our faculty members is another example among many of the commitment to excellence in scholarship here at Pentecostal Theological Seminary.”




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