• The terminology of “hearing” is more appropriate for Pentecostals than the now popular hermeneutical term of “reading”

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    About Pentecostal Theological Seminary

    We at Pentecostal Theological Seminary are a vibrant community committed to further exploring the roots, mystery, and progression of Pentecostalism. Our professors are world-renowned educators who have a heart and calling for ministry, and our programs reflect that intersection of education and calling. Whether you are a life-long academic or a pastor looking to enrich your ministry, PTS is a place for you.

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    Whether you seek personal or vocational growth, come on over, take a tour of our campus, and learn all about what PTS has to offer. Our community is growing, and we would love for you to be a part of it!

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    We at PTS firmly believe that it matters where you receive your theological training and formation. Whether you come because of your Pentecostal heritage or because of a desire to explore the future of the movement with us, a rich and practical education is just waiting to be discovered. Our staff, faculty, and students are eager to have you join our PTS family - what are you waiting for?
    If you are seeking a certificate diploma, master's or doctoral degree, counseling certification, or are simply desiring enrichment, PTS is ready to work with you towards your educational goals. Our world-class team of professors, experienced in academia and ministry alike, are ready to partner with you in a community-centered, formational journey: now you just have to apply.
    Yes! No matter where the call of God finds you, PTS online can join you there. Whether you are seeking a diploma or simply want to enrich your ministry, we are ready to join in your journey.
    PTS owns and operates a housing complex, in addition to several stand-alone houses located on campus, for national and international students alike. Complete with a food bank, laundry, and maintenance storage space for resident use. For more information on housing, please contact housing@ptseminary.edu.

    PTS Certificate Budget for the 2015-16 School Year Based on 18 hours (9 Months)


    Tuition Fulltime (12 hours) (100.00 Per Hour)

    Fees (Campus Reg, Tech Fees)

    Housing (Average housing for this area code)

    Board (Average for this area code)


    Travel (Average of Mileage of 200.00 per month@ .50)

    Books, Supplies (Internet 50.00 per month plus books)

    Cost of Attendance